Meet Yon-Ka Paris’ Specifics Product Line

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    Smarter Science, More Nature, For Greater Healing Potential

    Yon-Ka Paris, A Perfect Symbiosis of Science & Nature

    The YON-KA Paris range of professional products and clinical care procedures blends advanced botanical science with a person-centered, highly customized approach to skin health. In 1954 the YON-KA Paris brand was born from a vision and extensive collaboration between the Multaler Brother’s, botanical science experts, and a team of physicians including doctors of pharmacy, biology, dermatology and physiology.   The brand was founded on the principals of detoxification and regeneration, and advancements in plant research expanded our treasure trove of active principals and product functions.

    Well-known for our anti-aging and clinical care treatments, today YON-KA is recommended by Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeons, Med Spa Technicians and Aestheticians.  As medical spa professionals seek clean and natural, plant-based treatment programs to address the skin’s post-operative needs, our methods also help to prepare the skin and optimize results of each medi-aesthetic procedure by increasing skins natural immunity and healing capacity.

    Whether your goal is to integrate aesthetic services into a full menu of treatments or just target the needs of patients receiving non-invasive medicalized care, YON-KA Paris embodies all needs of the skin while recognizing consumer preference for natural, safe and high performance products.

    The solar charged aromatic plant oils found in each product produces an environment where health and beauty are part of a larger sense of wellness, self-care and renewal.

    The Yon-Ka Paris Specifics Collection

    Take control of the most resistant skin care conditions with our SPECIFICS targeted solutions.  SPECIFICS addresses the root causes of the most problematic skin concerns including:

    • Dark Spots and Dullness
    • Breakouts and Skin Imperfections for All Ages and Skin Types
    • Angry or Aggressed Skin with Temporary or Acute Redness
    • Pre And Post Care Treatments That Speed And Optimize Recovery Time And Results For IPL, Non-Ablative Light Based Skin Resurfacing, Collagen Induction Therapy, Micro-Needling, PRP; Laser Hair Removal Etc.
    • Overly Treated or Exfoliated Skin; Thin or Weakened Skin


    Today, as we approach our 65th year devoted to skin health, the YON-KA Paris name represents high quality solutions that combine science with time tested know-how.

    YON-KA products are not tested on animals.  They are free from parabens, sulfates, Phthalates and GMO’s.

    Your Clear Healthy Skin, Without Compromise, is our OBSESSION!


    Seasonal changes, acne, dermatological treatments, childbirth, etc., all make skin more fragile. That is exactly when it needs a burst of pure energy, a regenerating and revitalizing cure to recover its shape and radiance.


    The Yon-Ka REPAIR Treatments (featuring Elixir Vital professional ampoules) include options to calm, regenerate and repair imbalanced skin conditions. They combine gentle and high-performance repair and regeneration methods:

    • SCAR CARE TREATMENT: A micro treatment protocol that improves the appearance of old and new scars. A weekly treatment over the course of four weeks is recommended.
    • FRAGILE SKIN TREATMENT: To repair, rebalance and regenerate weakened or clinically over-treated skin. A weekly treatment over the course of four weeks is recommended.


    Elixir Vital: With its high concentration of plant extracts, this dual phase revitalizing elixir enriched in 24 amino-acids is the perfect rescue product for visibly tired, dull and lifeless skin. Enriched in hydrating and nourishing ingredients, it repairs dry and dehydrated skin, soothes it and makes it more supple.

    Proven cosmetic effectiveness*

    • Revitalized skin: 88%
    • Smoothed skin: 83%
    • Skin is soothed and nourished: 83%
    • Skin is comfortable and hydrated: 92%


    Those who suffer from redness can experience a debilitating lack of self confidence. Redness appears when the vessels dilate (change in temperature, UV rays, emotions, food, intense physical activity, etc.) and are often localized on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.


    SOIN ROUGEURS is an expert targeted treatment to address diffuse redness. It can be offered as a series to promote a soothing and refreshing effect on chronic redness issues. Clients in need of rebalancing their skin will benefit from this clarifying and calming treatment.


    CREME 11: This potent 911 emergency redness control cream reduces visible redness due to skin irritation, quickly providing a comfortable fee