Resist Time, Resist Aging

Introducing Yon-Ka’s
Time Resist Duo

There is a time for everything. By creating two creams — a day cream and a night cream — Yon-Ka offers a routine that targets the in-depth causes of aging. It’s the perfect corrective skin solution for control over wrinkles and inflamma’aging.

An innovating duo for controlling the signs of aging

Because skin has different needs for day and night time care TIME RESIST is available in a day and night time formula. By creating two creams – a day cream and a night cream – for 24 hour care.

Time Resist Day Cream

During the day, your skin faces a number of aggressions. It needs a cream that can protect it, while making it more beautiful. In addition to youth activator ingredients, the TIME RESIST Day Cream is also enriched in filling spheres and hyaluronic acid, to smooth skin and restore its bounce.

Time Resist Night Cream

At night, the skin launches its restoring program to fight the damage built up during the day. Euglena gracilis and silk tree extracts, combined with youth activators, help replenish and re-energize your skin. The TIME RESIST night cream reduces signs of tiredness and refines skin… For a fresh feel as soon as you wake up!

Targets Dermal Stem Cells

Stem cells are essential for preserving young and beautiful skin. Yon-Ka revolutionized this approach by taking an interest in dermal skin cells, hidden away in the deep dermal layers of the skin. Still unknown to us a few years ago, they are at the core of the skin’s firmness and elastic properties.

Plant-based Saponaria Pumila stem cells, the mountain’s secret to young skin.

Yon-Ka found a revolutionary way to preserve dermal stem cell activity, by boosting them with plant-based stem cells of saponaria pumila.

This mountainous plant survived through the ice age by developing incredible protective and repairing abilities. Yon-Ka showcases its powerful survival potential to help preserve dermal skin cells.

Fights Against Inflamm’aging

As the contraction of «inflammation» and «aging», Inflamm’aging is a phenomenon that affects all humans. With age, chronic and silent reactions spread through skin tissues and weaken the cells’ defense systems.

Youth Energy, Yon-Ka’s serenity molecule.

Yon-Ka based its work on a biotechnological active ingredient that mimics the PalGly molecule – known as the «serenity molecule», naturally present in our bodies and presenting anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties. Youth EnErgY is a lipoaminoacid that shows excellent affinity with the skin. When integrated into the TIME RESIST formula, this new active ingredient provided skin with the biological secrets for harmonious longevity.

Innovative Results

After 28 days of using the TIME RESIST creams, skin is smoother, firmer and more supple and elastic.

  • Reduced wrinkles: -75%*
  • 100%** of women found their skin to be more beautiful

*CLINICAL TEST – Dermatological evaluation after application of the TIME RESIST duo in the morning and evening by 20 women aged 40 to 55 for 4 weeks (best results)

**CONSUMER TEST – Self-evaluation after application of the TIME RESIST duo in the morning and evening by 45 women aged 35 to 55 for 4 weeks.

  • Before-Time Resist Results
    After-Time Resist Results
    Before Time Resist Results After

Time Resist Professional Treatment

Each period of your life calls for an anti-aging treatment. This is why Yon-Ka developed a new protocol, combining manual techniques and TIME RESIST products, to meet specific needs for women aged 45-55. A new anti-aging routine that combines TIME RESIST formulas with «youth activation» agents:

  1. A highly concentrated peel to boost cell renewal
  2. A sensory mask with an immediate and long-lasting firming effect
  3. A special Yon-Ka anti-aging massage

This essential addition combines effectiveness with total well-being.


  • 12% of wrinkles after the 1st treatment
  • 37% of wrinkles after the 2nd treatment

*Open test on 10 women having received the TIME RESIST treatment twice. Measurement after the 1st and 2nd treatments.

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